Vintage Style Wrought Iron Hourglass - Home Decor (large 12"/60min)

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Looking for a stylish yet practical addition to your home decor? Look no further than our Large Wrought Iron Hourglass, capable of measuring time lengths of 60 minutes with its beautiful 12-inch frame. Made from durable wrought iron, this hourglass is both stunning and functional, perfect for use as a therapy timer or as a decorative piece for any room in your house with its elegant design.

Hand-blown glass high-quality craftsmanship, this hourglass is sure to draw the eye and become a centrepiece in any setting. So why settle for a boring clock or timer when you can add a touch of sophistication and charm to your space with our Large Wrought Iron Hourglass?

  • Hand-blown glass filled with deep black sand surrounded by a beautifully sculpted wrought iron frame.
  • Special shock and heat-resistant mounting process.
  • Stands 14.75" in height by 8" wide.
  • 60-minute run time
  • Unique solid steel welded design fully exposing the elegance of the glass.
  • Perfect gift for the person that has everything.