Hi, I’m Zach Borutski, thank you for checking out my site and taking interest in what I do. My sand timers consist of a borosilicate glass containing a deep black sand surrounded by a beautifully handcrafted frame made from some of nature's finest materials, marble, live edge hardwoods and metal. My designs are carefully thought out and produced by hand so every piece gets meticulous attention to detail.

An hourglass is a device used to measure the passage of time. It consists of two glass bulbs connected by a narrow neck that regulates the flow of sand from the upper bulb to the lower bulb to a set time interval. Hourglasses have been around for hundreds of years with evidence dating back to the 1300’s when they were used as a navigational tool on European sailing ships to calculate distance traveled.

The term Black Swan is used to describe an extremely rare event that; is unpredictable, carries a massive impact, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The name for this phenomenon originated because prior to 1697, a black swan had not been seen in western civilization, and it was believed that the creature did not exist. The term was then adopted to describe situations of impossibility. I was intrigued with this concept and chose the name Blackswan Hourglass to represent my time pieces.

Blackswan Hourglass is a result of having idle time and a desire to make something that couldn't be found. When my job as a mobile crane operator began to slow, I started getting creative in my spare time using my past skills of welding, fabricating and an appreciation for efficient & effective design. After much trial and error, I now make one-of-a-kind sand timers out of marble, live edge hardwoods, and metal. I have learned there is a positive in every negative if you look hard enough.

As far as I remember, I have appreciated the simplicity and elegance of the hourglass design. One of my favorite bands, Lamb of God, also has a track titled “Hourglass” and through listening to the aggression, power, and creativity of the song, it sparked a greater interest for the object. It wasn't until after I received an hourglass as a gift from a girlfriend years ago that I felt I could actually turn my crazy ideas into intriguing art.

Along with an appreciation for nature and architecture, much of my inspiration, creativity, and work ethic comes from a variety of my family members. One person that has really inspired me is my artistically talented sister Jessica, who has been driven and persistent in her animating career since high school and is currently directing and producing animation at Nickelodeon.
Another influence in my life has been my father, Don, who has taught me about welding, fabricating and creating/fixing just about anything in a workshop. He showed me that it’s not about the resources you have, it's how resourceful you are with what you’ve got. His pastime of building coffee tables, inspired me to use some of the same resources for my sand clocks. These influences have led to the unique creations available for you to bring home and enjoy and I’m always getting inspiration for more ideas as time goes on.