Live Edge

Sand timers made out of select live edge hardwoods.
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Magnetic Sand Timer with Live Edge Butternut Base - Modern Desk Decor

This Mesmerizing Magnetic Sand Timer with a stunning Live Edge Butternut Base - is a perfect addition to your desk or living room decor! Filled with Iron fillings, watch as this...

Unique Magnetic Sand Timer on Live Edge Walnut Base Handcrafted Home Décor

Watch as this timer creates mesmerizing patterns as the granules fall into the magnetic field of the beautiful live edge Walnut base. This Magnetic Sand Timer is not only a...

Live Edge Oak Hourglass - Rustic Elegance for Your Desk (Large 12"/60min)

A stunning piece of art that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern elegance. Handcrafted from high-quality oak wood and solid iron spindles, the hourglass features a live edge design that...

Handcrafted Live Edge Elm Hourglass - Timer for Home Décor Unique Gift Idea (Large 12"/60min)

Our Live Edge Elm Hourglass Crafted from premium quality elm wood, this large hourglass measures 12 inches and runs for 60 minutes, making it the perfect centrepiece for your home...
Live Edge Butternut Sand Timer Relaxation and Home Décor (15 or 30min)

Live Edge Butternut Sand Timer Relaxation and Home Décor (15 or 30min)

Our stunning Live edge Butternut Sand Timer is the perfect way to keep track of time in style! Handcrafted from the finest black walnut wood, this sand timer features a beautifully...

Live Edge Oak Sand Timer for Rustic Home Décor Natural Wood Sand Timer (15 or 30min)

The Live Edge Oak Sand Timer! Crafted from premium quality oak wood, this sand timer not only adds a touch of elegance to your décor but also serves as a...

Handcrafted Live Edge Elm Sand Timer - Wooden Hourglass Sand Timer (15 or 30min)

Looking for a unique and stylish Live Edge Elm Sand Timer way to keep track of time? Look no further than our Live Edge Elm Sand Timer! Crafted from beautiful elm...