Magnetic Sand Timer with Live Edge Butternut Base - Modern Desk Decor

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Time Duration 30 Seconds

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This Mesmerizing Magnetic Sand Timer with a stunning Live Edge Butternut Base - is a perfect addition to your desk or living room decor! Filled with Iron fillings, watch as this timer creates mesmerizing patterns as the granules fall into the magnetic field, providing a soothing atmosphere.

                                                                                                                                      Many Butternut trees are at the mercy of a lethal disease called Sirococcus Clavigignenti-Juglandacearum. This fungus also known as butternut canker is found throughout North America occurring on 90% of butternut trees, and maybe threaten the viability of butternut as a species.

Equipped with two powerful rare earth magnets discretely embedded below the surface of the wood. Press fit into the bottom of every cookie you will find a copper penny between the years 1920 - 1996. The pennies are selected at random with the earlier dates being more scarce.

The penny serves a dual purpose to secure and provide an aesthetically pleasing cap for the rare earth magnets concealed under the surface of the base.

From its adoption in 1858 through to 1996, the Canadian one-cent piece aka penny was made with 95-98% copper. It was then switched to copper-plated zinc in 1997, and then copper-plated steel in 2000. As central bank inflation continued to undermine the value of the currency the penny was no longer economical to manufacture and circulate, so it was discontinued in 2013.

Hard wax/oil finish for a natural look and feel.

Creates a unique sculpture every time!

Available in 30 or 60 seconds but not to be mistaken as a precision timepiece.

Great office desk decoration.

Use as a quick de-stressor at work.

  • Height: 6.5 inches
  • Width: 4 inches